Top 4 Materials To Use In Hot Summer

Hot summer, what to wear to be comfortable and cool? Fabric is one of the important factors determining the coolness of the outfit. Therefore, besides choosing the design, you also need to pay attention to the fabric to “reduce the heat” effectively on hot days. Let’s explore the “Top 4 materials to use in hot summer” selected fabrics with AK T-shirt in the hot season!


Top 4 Materials To Use In Hot Summer

Top 4 Materials To Use In Hot Summer

When it comes to coolness, linen is a fabric that many people love. Linen is light and sparsely woven, allowing heat to easily escape from the body. When you touch your hands, you will feel the coolness of this fabric.

Linen has a high natural gloss, is smooth, special, and has excellent hygroscopicity. Therefore, this is a fabric that is extremely suitable when it is under hot weather on a summer day. In order to improve the maximum comfort for the wearer, now linen is also combined with many other materials such as cotton, coarse yarn, …


Top 4 Materials To Use In Hot Summer


With its soft, light, breathable and sweat absorbent properties, cotton is almost the perfect choice for summer days. Cotton fabric is a natural fabric, made mainly from cotton fibers and chemicals. With abundant and naturally available production materials, cotton is increasingly used in the garment industry and is a key fabric for product lines: clothes, blankets, pillows, … . Try It: Trending T-shirt


Top 4 Materials To Use In Hot Summer  DENIM FABRICS


Denim is a fabric made from sturdy woven cotton, so it is quite breathable and sweat absorbent just like cotton. Denim fabric is highly applicable, durable and brings personality and style to the wearer. Besides, the thickness of this fabric can also help you partially shade the hot sun of the summer day. Therefore, denim is not used in the production of sportswear.


Top 4 Materials To Use In Hot Summer  RAYON FABRICS


Rayon fabric has a smooth surface, feels like a silk fabric. Rayon is well-ventilated, sweat absorbent, so it is extremely suitable for summer apparel. Moreover, this is a fabric that is both affordable and luxurious as well as other high-end and expensive fabrics. Therefore, this material is very popular with many people.

Rayon owns most of the properties of other fabrics such as linen, cotton or silk, … so it is easy to use for many different types of clothing.

However, when using Rayon fabrics you should also note a few points to ensure the softness of the fabric:

Only wash by hand or machine, avoid dry cleaning to limit fabric shrinkage during washing.
Rayon fabric’s heat resistance is quite poor, so it is not ironed directly at high temperature on the fabric surface. This is very easy to affect the beautiful strength of the fabric.

So AK T-shirt has just come together with you to discover 4 cool fabrics, suitable for summer days. To dress comfortably and coolly, don’t forget to choose your own beautiful material outfits! Have a nice summer day!

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