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  • I found the Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt rings cut with the jewelers saw look better, fit together better, and are less likely to catch hair and clothing. On a side note… These things tend to last… The stuff I made 25 years ago is still someplace around the house. That effort got you a lifelong piece to be proud of. Do not regret the bolt cutters. I had a jumping muscle in my forearm ages ~16-32 because I made a chain mail shirt and hood before I’d Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt learned about repetitive motion injuries. It hasn’t done its thing in a while, I think it finally healed. Are the rings just butted together or are they fastened in some way? historically they were riveted for strength but that takes way longer. I had a friend who when we were kids saved up to one of those. He was so jacked when he was able to order it. Floated on clouds when he went to pick it up. Came home and carefully opened the box. It was unassembled…For the people who like to Surprised Girls, Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt hit each other with swords for fun – reenactors or historical European martial arts folks or whatever.
  • That’s generally how you get it Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt – enough links for the size you ordered and a tool for joining the links and some instructions. Because sizing is pretty important if you’re going to use it and varies based on what you wear it with, buying “off the rack” is generally still a bunch of work to get it right afterward – and it costs a LOT more. A long time ago when I was into that kind of thing as a hobby, we usually had a few high school kids in the group who Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt could never afford all the equipment you needed to do the cool stuff. The adults with some disposable income in the group would routinely farm out the shitty labor part of assembling their chain to one of the kids in exchange for some gear they couldn’t afford. In retrospect, it was way less than Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt minimum wage and probably kind of a dick move to use child labor for that shit – but at the time we kind of thought we were being nice to kids who couldn’t afford the gear otherwise.

Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Ladies Tee

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Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Hoodie


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  • And assembly isn’t Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt super hard or anything – you can do it Hot Vintage Cincinnati Bearcats Champions TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl Shirt sitting in front of the TV – but it’s boring and repetitive as shit – especially if you want enough to let some other nerd hit you with a sword for fun. Haha, it really sucks, too. I made a small one and it took me about 160 hours. That was butted, not even riveted. So much work. It was my first and my last, it was a Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt crazy amount of work. I’ve made a few pieces of cosmetic jewelry stuff and modified stuff I bought, but I’ve never started to finish made anything you could call armor myself. Chainmail in particular – fuck that noise. I fell into HEMA and reenacting as a casual when my friend who was a Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt uni student was into it and knew I had done Kendo and some weapons-based fighting in other martial arts styles. I was working full time with a decent paying job – the second.
  • I learned you Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt could do the measurements and the counts and figure out what you wanted and then pay some kid fuck all in equipment you either didn’t use anymore or just got a deal on from someone who was clearing out their old stuff because they had a girlfriend now or something – I started farming that shit out. I was one of the very few people in my group who knew how to hand sew and I knew a bit about leatherwork – I traded a lot of Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt people lessons and help with their projects in exchange for someone else doing the boring grunt labor for my projects. A couple of hours of fixing the leatherwork on someone’s armor or helping someone learn to hand sew a tunic or a gambeson because they were an obsessive lunatic who didn’t want to use a machine like a san person, in exchange for a sword or a spear that I could give some kid who’d spend a week making my chainmail seemed like a fucking great deal. And I Surprised Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt never even tried riveting chain for armor.

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