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Specification: Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt


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  • If this is Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt supposed to be made for females it’s all wrong. It offers way too much protection plus how would you wear it to the beach? Or attract a male partner dressed like that. I almost commented I was impressed that you went so far as Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt to make it fitted, but then I realized I was a dumbass when I remembered how chain mail naturally falls. Still really impressed though, don’t get me wrong. How much does it weigh? Yeah, if you look, the chain pattern itself is actually tighter at the waist, because when made properly, chain mail will construct while hanging like that, so it will naturally fit itself to a person, at least to an extent. Flashbacks to our historical reenactment troop leader going off on anyone who incorrectly called it “chainmail” instead of just “mail”…Did you pattern this out Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt like you would if you were sewing a shirt? Or did you use a pattern from an already existing chainmail shirt?
  • Or did you do Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt it some other way? About how many hours did that take? Do you make your own rings? I looked into it as a hobby nearly 20 years ago but never did get to do it. Looks great, keep up the good work I had a friend in high school whose dad made a shirt of scale mail from knockouts from the metal shop he worked at. It was awesome until the friend used it for a school pep rally and fell. He scraped the floor and the basketball coach had an Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt meltdown. That is incredibly well-made! How long did it take you to make it? (What is the term for making armor when you’re not actually smithing the metal yourself? Unless you also did that, which would be exceptionally hardcore, and if so please tell me there are photos of the process). No, this is Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt costume maille. The links are just butted up against each other and aren’t actually riveted closed as they would be in historical maille. As such if you stab this stuff the links will pop open and the costume will fall apart, offering no real protection.

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  • How on Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt earth did you manage to get this so neat? I spent days connecting chainmail links it wasn’t as dense or anywhere near as clean as this. Quite beautiful, impressive work. I was just talking to my friend last week about that Top Kansas City Chiefs 2X Super Bowl Champions Shirt I wanted to make my own mail, I’m definitely doing it now. Cheers from Chile! Is there a “This gauge wire wrapped around this gauge rod” chart for different things like shirts or gloves? I learned the art of joining rings, made several sheets that could stop a .22, but they were too heavy for shirts and definitely too big for gloves. I’d love to make something wearable one day. It’s only 5.5lbs/2.5 kilos so it’s Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt not that heavy and I spent a decent amount of time adjusting it to make it fit perfectly. and in fact, I’ve never done LARP until I made this. (1) well now you’ve got it, you’ve got to LARP it! (2) ah, the “raw weight” often doesn’t directly correlate to how unwieldy it is, it’s Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt possible for the balance to be such that it doesn’t feel all that heavy even if it is (and vice versa). So, what you’re saying is, it doesn’t “get in the way”?
  •  Awesome 4n1, looks like some of Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt the links aren’t close flush. Keep up the great work! Have you thought about doing color patterns of crests? I make too many tools marks to use anything colored or shiny. Which source did you go with for the links? I used to use Ring Lord, which isn’t too bad. I once thought it would be cool to make a mail shirt, then, after hours of failure and seeing a product nothing like my vision. I came to Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt my senses and gave up. I am so glad you didn’t give up, great work.0/10, doesn’t hold a plate or have MOLLE comparability, worst plate carrier I’ve ever seen. Not even velcro for patches. This is a bad tactical decision. Sarcasm aside that’s crazy, nice work; I saw a documentary on how it’s made and I can’t Over The Moon Home Nurse 2021 Shirt believe someone actually made a set of chain mail. One time at a party, my friends put me in a chainmail shirt and a (motor)bike helmet, then fired a cupcake at me out of a potato cannon. Sadly, the cupcake disintegrated immediately and I only got hit with the paper bit.

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