Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Shirt

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Specification: Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Shirt


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Zooming with friends. Whiskey makes pandemics much more enjoyable.I also need to differentiate between work and free time. My wife and I work in the same 700 sq ft studio apartment. I can’t be drinking while working so it puts a divider of sorts into my Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Shirt!? Glad you got that down. 2-3 is much healthier lol. My stomach would not be ok with that routine. These days if I have more than three craft IPAs I feel like death the next morningI was a bartender pre pandemic and am now a liquor store clerk. I can say with confidence that almost everyone’s alcohol intake is way up, including my own. I am also fairly sure that everyone in my neighborhood is a straight up alcoholic at this point. My beer fridge runs out I find it hard to bring myself to go into a building where people don’t take covid seriously. Also drinking scotch or hard stuff is kinda lame when you are sitting at home… Alcohol has always been a social experience for me Obviously with Covid this can’t happen this year. Sad times. Traditions have come and gone in my family over the years thanks to the deaths of various family members, but the one that has remained for almost 100 years is that everyone in the family, whether they’re born into it or marry into it, gets a hand knitted stocking for their first Christmas with the family. This will be the first year that I don’t have mine (I left it at my dad’s house last year, thinking I would be celebrating with him again this year) and it’s been super weird.

Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Hoodie - Design by AK


Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Ladies Tee - Design by AK

Ladies Tee

Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Long Sleeved - Design by AK

Long Sleeved

Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Sweater- Design by AK


Very funIn a normal year, out son would be spending the night on Christmas Eve, I always made lasagna. The next day hubby would make an enormous breakfast and we’d open our presents (always way too many) and we’d lay around like beached whales for the rest of Nice Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs Shirt. He’d head home at three and hubs and I would finish the lasagna for dinner. Not this year though.My brother and I were hungry one year and our parents(where we celebrate Christmas) lives very close to a gas station, where they sell surprisingly good hotdogs. So we went to get one each. My sister in law thought it was so ridiculous, so she snapped a picture. Now its tradition for us to go get a hotdog and pose for the yearly. We hear oldest male offer beer, milk or cookies to Tomten (who snuck through the key hole btw) Few mins later, we exit room, Tomtens load of presents are at the tree and we play a 70yr Swedish folk song while “hands on the hips” of the person in front of you, dancing a snake through the house, out the front door around the street with all pets yapping at your feet. You’re plastered as you started dinner with triple sized shot glass of unflavoured schnapps before the wine. We then sit in a circle and watch each person open a present handed to them by someone else, one at a time, passing said present around to “ooh ahh” inspect and/or smell it, if a scented product like cologn, etc. it’s never ended before 2am. The 25th is just a normal hangover day with a nice sit down lunch.

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