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Specification: Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Shirt


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When our grandparents were alive, we would do a white elephant for Christmas. We always drew names on Thanksgiving and would exchange gifts Christmas Eve before “Santa” brought the real presents. My aunts and uncles, and my parents too, were never Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Shirt. They always went way out. One year my uncle carved an ugly totem pole about four feet tall. One of my aunts gave another a set of china with (I think) Bill Clinton’s face on the plates. For a few years they passed around a black velvet painting of a tiger. It was always a hoot to see who would get the tiger every ye ar.In Norway (and other countries?) we have a tradition called “almond in the porridge”. It’s as the name says: we put an almond in the rice porridge. We’ve had some intense stare matches with poker faces all around the table. The stare downs are usually interrupted by intense laughter! The trick is hiding the almond in your cheeks, staying completely cool and going for seconds 😉 definitely recommend this one! Btw, don’t play it with your demented grandma: she’s gonna end up forgetting she got the almond…though now that I think about it, that might be the best poker face ever.Mummering. In my hometown, we all go mummering on Dec. 23rd. Basically you dress up in strange/wacky clothes and obscure who you are. Then go around to your friend’s and family’s houses, asking if there’s any mummers allowed in. The host will invite you in for a drink and a dance and once that’s over everyone tried to guess who you are.

Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Hoodie - Design by AK


Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Ladies Tee - Design by AK

Ladies Tee

Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Long Sleeved - Design by AK

Long Sleeved

Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Sweater - Design by AK


To make it a little easier for both of us I posted a song on her datebook wall every day starting on December first, culminating on Christmas Eve with the song “The Christmas Shoes.” Second: every hear my sister and I look forward to our nieces and nephews Nice Eeyore Heart Valentines Day Shirt. Because every year features a performance of recorders. Played by 3rd graders. It’s terrible. This year with the Pandemic there isn’t going to be a concert. So no recorders for my sister. Or so she thinks. Because I most. Definitely ordered myself one. And this year on. Christmas Eve she will be. Treated to not only the Christmas shoes, but also a video of me playing a fucking recorder. 2020 sucks but my spirit will not be dampened.We won’t get to do it this year..but since we lost my Dad a couple years ago my brother. Even as someone who’s no longer religious it’s a really beautiful experience. Your organ/cello rendition sounds really great, you should record it and post it, I think a lot of people would really like to see it. Btw, I’ve got to say, I’m a big fan of that instrument combination. A lot of people think Silent Night should be played solo on the organ with the musician in full view, his seat raised up high, but personally I don’t mind the chair low.Sadly, we won’t be able to participate in this tradition this year due to Coronavirus. But what my family normally does is that every Christmas Day, after we open our gifts in the morning, we would drive up to Springfield, IL, where my mom’s side of the family lives, and where my uncle owns two local pizza joints.

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