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I have been sober this whole fucking time. I’m losing my shit here man. I’ve seen two friends this whole year and I don’t even have time to take the psychedelics they don’t test for. FUCKI was playing video games for a bit and it just got out of hand and now I play a game alone sometimes. I usually have some kind of release but it’s Hot Baby Yoda Heart Will You Be My Valentine Shirt.Try exploring some areas you might find a passion in! Could be a craft, growing, creating, whatever. Now is absolutely the time to make the most of “down time” and explore internally instead of externally 🙂 shoulda seen me when I was selling the stuff. Don’t even like the stuff anymore, but I used to be able to put an 8ball in my face like it was my morning coffee. Now if I do it, I end up wondering why I even bothered to waste. My sleeps went from terrible my whole life to amazing. My creative process and frame of mind also greatly enhanced. I’ve since stopped since trying to conceive a kid with the wife but damn did weed really help with my life as a whole.Yeah. Its always best to portion it off if you buy a ton or this happens. I once burned through a whole oz in like a week cause it was just there. I don’t buy that much at a time anymore even if it is more economical. It’s just too tempting to keep packing another bowl. But it also makes me sleepier than it used to so there’s that.Different triggers for different folks. I can be around and talk about alcohol but when I have to deal with feeling of worthlessness or inadequacy that is what drives me to drink. Some people’s triggers are.

Hot Baby Yoda Heart Will You Be My Valentine Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Hot Baby Yoda Heart Will You Be My Valentine Hoodie - Design by AK


Hot Baby Yoda Heart Will You Be My Valentine Ladies Tee - Design by AK

Ladies Tee

Hot Baby Yoda Heart Will You Be My Valentine Long Sleeved  - Design by AK

Long Sleeved

Hot Baby Yoda Heart Will You Be My Valentine Sweater  - Design by AK


A lot of people who didn’t realize they used substances because they were trying to suppress feelings of loneliness and despair found that out because of the lockdown. Expect now they are more are alone then ever and have no access to help.9+ years sober here (alcohol), and this is the first time in at least 6 I even thought about drinking. Didn’t tempt me, but damn, this year… God help the ones who don’t have supportive friends/family through this. Side note, quarantine has been good to me, too. I’ve managed to Hot Baby Yoda Heart Will You Be My Valentine Shirt decent at it.I always found alcohol weird with me. I can go on binges, and during this time, it’s been a lot. But then I’ll just stop drinking for a month, even a year at times. I dunno, alcohol has been just a pick up whenever. Because this time during all this it’s been boozing quite a fucking lot. But I’ve just said fuck it because I know I can drop it, and drinking throughout all this has been fun. People will probably say it’s the “beginning” but this has been my relationship with alcohol since I was 18 (31 now).Proud of you! I’m sorry you had to go through all that. I’ve had sort of the same. Lost both my jobs, got divorced, my cat died, car got stolen. Fell into some hard drinking most of the year but I’m five days out not drinking and trying to keep it up! I have my slip ups but I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Glad you are too!Perhaps maybe it’s a sign that the lockdown may cause more damage than the virus? I can give about 1000 other examples.

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