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  • People don’t understand the concept. One Quora Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt asker posted “Why should I be expected to pay for poor people’s healthcare when I can’t even afford my own?” and it never crossed his mind, in any form, that Universal means universal; He’d be getting it just like everybody else, and because it’d knock down barriers to the treatment he’d be “paying” less because more people would be physically able to work. People who are out of the job market now because they have a disabling problem would, in many cases, be able to get the treatment that’d enable them to return to a meaningful existence. Nope, in his mind, it was just him giving those no-good poor people free money without any benefit for himself at all. He’d still somehow be paying for healthcare while the brown people were getting a free ride. A lot of people are in favor of UH. Unfortunately, none of them are wealthy lawmakers. As such, it doesn’t matter what they’re in favor of. Wealthy individuals Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt are so terrified of “losing” even a dollar that there will never be change.
  • Neat point to recall; the Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt last time the US did anything about healthcare for poor people, it was too low-key to criminalize not having bought coverage they couldn’t afford in the first place. Presuming poor people were just too stupid to know there are people they can pay a king’s ransom for healthcare. (In reality, let’s not BS ourselves; my GP charges $85 for an office visit. The lowest quote I’ve gotten for a healthcare plan is $505/monthly. Unless I Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt were chronically ill and seeing the doctor more than six times per month, paying $500+ for coverage makes no sense.) The excuse I’ve always heard against it is people saying where is the money going to come from, and when you say taxes they get all huffy and puffy and defensive about not wanting to pay taxes for Healthcare and other people’s Healthcare and how it means they will have less money. They don’t seem to understand that the taxes Health care!

Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Long-Sleeved - Design By Aktshirt.com


Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Sweater - Design By Aktshirt.com


Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Hoodie - Design By Aktshirt.com


Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Ladies Tee - Design By Aktshirt.com

Ladies Tee

  • Brought to you by that fantastically efficient and effective institution that Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt brought you the Post Office, VA health care, $1,000 military toilet seats, and can’t control its present spending. What could possibly go wrong? they would be paying for would end up being less than what they are paying for Healthcare insurance as it is. The government is not good at managing money or keeping things efficient. For example, the NY government spent 2 million dollars and 7.5 years to build a small bathroom in a park. For comparison, there are 6 bedrooms 4 bathroom houses in that area that are worth less than 1 million dollars. It took the Empire State Building only about 2 years to be built. There’s no way that universal healthcare wouldn’t significantly increase taxes on the middle and lower-class people. All the Happy  Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt wealth of billionaires wouldn’t be enough to sustain the estimated universal healthcare costs past 2026. The estimated cost for universal healthcare by 2026 (if implemented now) is about 20 trillion or so.
  • Combined billionaire wealth (note this is including their assets such as houses, cars, and stock, not just their relatively small liquid cash) is only about 9 trillion. That’s not even considering the fact that the government almost always goes over budget. If we socialize healthcare there are little incentives for new companies to produce new drugs as the government is going to go for the cheapest options (which is seldom the newest product). Since most drugs cost ~1-2 billion dollars, we would see a huge decline in new medical breakthroughs. Finally, do you really want the government to decide which treatments you can and can’t do? What if there’s something Happy Gnome Love Valentine #CNA Life 2 Shirt wrong with your leg. A surgery that might fix (maybe like 30-40% chance) it costs $100k, but an amputation costs $20k. Under a government plan, it’s very unlikely that you would get to even try to keep your leg. Quality of life procedures would likely take many weeks to schedule like in Canada or Great Britain, vs in the US where it usually takes a couple of weeks.

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