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Specification: Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt


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  • I thought that was Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt the “manly” way to do it. I thought I was a loser for pulling it up over my back. Society is strange sometimes. for me, it’s the pull of your arms through the sleeves and induces a claustrophobic panic attack when you get stuck. I just want to feel alive. Not only I take off my shirts like this but I also sit when I pee. It’s so comfortable and I get to rest and maybe watch my phone while peeing! This is why I insist on Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt watching my friends when they undress or pee. Just to ensure no funny business. I get mad anxiety about people hearing me pee for some reason, so I sit. also it’s more comfortable. but the nice thing is that I don’t give a shit about whether it’s perceived as “manly” or not anymore, I used to Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt be really insecure about it. I sit down when I pee. There’s nothing real crazy ‘bout me. I’m just taking a wiz! Mind your own biz! Why is everybody always starin’ at me?
  • I take my shirt off like this Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt and I’m writing this while peeing sitting on the toilet. I’m not embarrassed by it nor I agree with him but this sure knows his target. Not even gonna lie. I like to grab a book, magazine, or newspaper and sit while I pee. It’s about the most relaxing part of my day sometimes. That’s basically the easiest way to put off your shirts if you have muscles. Otherwise, the t-shirt gets stretched, so wtf? When I lived in the Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt Rockies, I always took off my shirt by pulling from the neck. Then I moved to the humid Midwest and learned that it actually helps a lot to take it off like this. When you’re sweaty your shirt just sticks to your back and it’s much more difficult to pull from the neck. Learned this from my wrestling teammates right before we did it in the butt. I don’t get the stigma of hating on sitting to pee.

Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Ladies Tee

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  • Way less pee splashing on the Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt rim and it’s easier at night. Real men flex their Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt muscles and the shirt tears itself to shreds and falls to the floor. Expensive, but it’s the only way to ensure people don’t think you’re gay. Yeah, I would never take my shirt off like that as a man, but I always pee sitting down honestly. Those things all seem to have no correlation to me. Fun fact, pee sitting down and you don’t have to wipe down the toilet seat after, and if you aren’t doing that as a man….you have been judged, good sir. I saw girls doing this and I was Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt like “what the fuck—magic!” In my experience, this way is so much smoother and less hassle. If that makes me gay, so be it. The first time I saw an example of a shirt being taken off like that was a 6-pack of bud light commercial with a slow-mo abs reveal. I mean sure you can also do that to pop some, but like… ok and?
  • A way I like to Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt take a shirt off that’s quick is just leaning your head back, hooking your left thumb onto the shirt from behind your neck, and pulling upwards. Lift your arms up so you can seamlessly take a shirt off without turning it inside out. Probably not original and everyone in the world likely taught themselves this if you don’t know, then hey. Yeah, I sit when I pee. Why? Because it’s more comfortable and I’m lazy and don’t Excited Camp Quitcherbitchin 2021 Shirt want to put effort into standing. The first thing that came to my mind was Diavolo from Jjba part 5. Is someone gatekeeping here and says that is not a real anime? I don’t understand why men feel the need to bully other men for every little thing. Can’t you just mind your own shit without putting people down?

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