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  • I’m a  grown man and I found that sitting when I pee keeps the floor around the toilet clean. Standing to piss in your own home is just plain nasty. Show some respect, and sit down to pee when you’re in someone else’s home unless of course, they stand to pee then by all means piss all over the place. hate when people act like it’s a bad thing and you’re a bitch if you pee sitting down. Many cultures and religions even promote sitting when peeing, as it’s easy not to Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt splash and cleanliness is mandatory (of course not in public restrooms cause it’s everyone for their self there). Wait actually, why do women often take off their shirts like this? Can’t they also just pull it over from one side? I’ve tried and it always gets stuck on my chin and ears, I really don’t know how you guys do it. I sit down when I pee, There’s nothing that crazy bout me, I’m just taking a Wizz, Mind your own biz, Why is everybody always staring at me?
  • Having had 3+11 lung surgeries— taking my shirt off Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt like this slows my movements and makes getting my shirt off less painful versus grabbing at the collar or pulling my arms inside a worn shirt. The only way to take off your shirt the MANLY WAY is to rip it off every time, I am now in debt in shirt money and the shirt mafia is coming for me. Jesus, can’t imagine living in a world where my masculinity is tied directly to how I remove clothing from my body. I sit when I pee because it gives me an excuse to get alone time and spend time on my phone. Kinda sad I guess but if I stood up it’d take too quick. And my bathroom is Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt my private space. I have 5 siblings, university work, 4 Pets, and share a room with my brother. It’s hectic sit when I pee. I had a Prince Albert piercing and ended up always making a mess. It would literally spray everywhere, thanks to traveling across the ring. Even though I’ve taken it out (hospital + catheter) I still have the hole and it drips when I pee.

Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

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  • Soo sitting down = less mess. This Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt was solved a while back wasn’t it? Women Great Love Valentine Healthcare 3 Shirts change one way and men another because of the way the shirts are cut. I’m a 30-year-old male and I’ve been sitting to pee for the last year and I love it. Never going back, unless of course, I’m in a public restroom or outside. The greatest man I ever knew sat down while peeing. He also used a shoestring as a belt, wore socks with flip flops, showered three times a day, smoked a pipe, drove a truck that got hit by a john deere tractor so it had a giant dent in it with “Deere Damage” painted on Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt the side, he had Hulk Hogan stickers on the back of his truck, and lifted tractor tires twice his weight for 20 years and even after he had a heart attack. Rip in peace Biff. Embarrassingly I was almost 30 before u realized that this is THE ONLY WAY to take off a tight sweaty t-shirt.
  • My fiance used to take his Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt shirt off by grabbing the back of the neck area and pulling, but then he started getting holes from putting so much pressure in the same spot. Now he has to do this. It stops you from having to stretch your clothes to get them off. If you wanna wear baggy clothes that’s up to you but don’t shame people who keep it tight because they have a body to show off. I sit when I pee sometimes. I have Ecstatic Grandma Old Women 2021 Shirt a strong stream so splashback is gross. I am not blessed like Hank Hill. Excuse me. If I don’t take it off like this, I have learned I stretch my shirt out, even if only a little. But over time, it looks sloppy. And I don’t want it. What’s with the “sitting when you pee” not being masculine? I’ve been sitting to pee for a while now after an injury and realized it’s way better. I’ll sit to pee from now on. When I don’t take my shirts off like this they get stuck on my upper back/lats.

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