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  • I too don’t finally understand the medical system or Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt specifically the universal health care debate. Sounds great in theory but the main negatives I hear are the wait times would be much longer, the quality would likely drop, and if the government is paying for it, then they might just flat out deny a life-saving procedure because it’s a kit worth the taxpayer money ( death panel). I’m not sure if those are true but those scare me away from that. Employers can’t just deny COBRA because they think it will cost more than the premiums your friend will pay. He needs to Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt look into this further. Was he terminated for gross misconduct? And what does “denied him with a lawyer’s pocket” mean? Aetna’s not the COBRA administrator, so it’s not up to them. And if his “attorney” couldn’t read legal jargon.
  • Then he needs a real attorney. I mean, legal jargon is what they do. When the reality doesn’t have to be like that. The government can fund “universal healthcare” but focusing on basics/essentials. Think economy-class travel, but for healthcare – not the most comfortable, but gets stuff done, and most people are okay with it. Those wanting more “boutique” or “cutting edge” diagnostics and treatments, and those that can afford them, should also be able to access these, but from the private insurance market. These two can most definitely co-exist, and many countries around the world have such systems. Look up Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt socialism. I’m not sure how it would work for such a large country like America but pretty much you pay more taxes and things like healthcare and educations are paid for.

Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

 Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Long-Sleeved - Design By


Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Ladies Tee  - Design By

Ladies Tee

Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Hoodie  - Design By


Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Sweater  - Design By


  • I imagine between paying $7,000 a year for insurance Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt and $20,000 for university I am already paying more out of pocket per paycheck than socialist countries and have the added headache of dealing with the insurance company to get everything covered. If you are a young adult or even an adult think hard about who you are voting for and what policies they want to implement. FYI don’t vote for the guy whose name starts with a “T”. I’m in the U.K, so universal healthcare with the NHS. It is not as wonderful as many Americans think. Any form of universal healthcare will always end Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt up with ‘rationing’. There’s no endless pot of money and people don’t like paying taxes so that pot stays small. We have huge waiting lists. So huge that some people never get help. As an example, I’ve been on the waiting list to see a gynecologist for 7yrs now.
  • They write to me each year under the pretense of checking I still need the appointment but really it’s just to persuade me to give up on it. My neurologist has a non-urgent waiting list of 9yrs and an urgent waiting list of 3yrs. Some people get excellent care Confused Gnome Love 2 Valentine CNA Life Shirt but that’s the issue. It’s SOME people, in SOME situations, not all. It depends on funding, where you live, what the illness is etc. We have no choice in what healthcare we receive if any. Our GP’s are basically gatekeepers to prevent access to specialists (They are financially penalized for referrals). We cannot simply decide to see a specialist unless we pay for that privately. We have no choice over medications. Our doctors are forced to start with the very cheapest, regardless of whether it’s the most suitable medication or not. The same applies to treatments/surgeries etc. We have elderly people waiting for 15yrs for hip replacements. Sometimes longer. We have no control or autonomy over our healthcare.

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