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Specification: Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt


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  • I personally really like my Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt health insurance. I like having my choice of doctors and specialists, and I feel we get really great care. And our health insurance costs aren’t very hard on us. Growing up working class to lower middle class, medical care wasn’t a big problem for us, even with my sister being very sickly as a kid. Talking with people who don’t want universal healthcare, it’s like, they worked hard and finally got a good job with health insurance and they don’t want to lose that benefit and have to pay more in taxes just so other people can have healthcare. People run in terror at any whiff of “socialism” because there’s been an active campaign by the billionaire capitalists of America even before the Soviet Union and the rise of communism in other countries to Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt make sound socialism sound evil or negative or an overreach of government power
  • Strike #3 There are too many far more powerful Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt interests working to prevent it, coupled with Americans brainwashed into voting against their own interests or truly being unable to accept anything outside their own experiences since they were able to “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” (while ignoring anything that helped them along). At this point, I gave up. We have an unwritten “don’t talk politics” rule that so far has been pretty ok. Only a few slip-ups that usually end up with me just not responding. He is a smart man too. Being a CPA you think he would understand that if you pay more in Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt one category and drop another even more it’s a net gain…

Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

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  • But no… Because we are a nation that Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt believes hard work solves all of our problems including insurance. And it is a choice you make to not get insurance. Or to have a medical bankruptcy (a very common thing in the US). One argument that I haven’t seen many people talk about, but freedom and choice are a huge part of it. People want to choose something that is best for them, that allows them to get the care that they want and need. If a doctor says that it’s medically necessary, I can go and get a CAT scan by the time I have lunch. The last time I ended up in the ER I was getting a CAT scan within 7 minutes of walking into the hospital. There isn’t anyone telling me where and when I can get care if I need it. Under universal healthcare, I take Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt what they give me and there isn’t anything that can be done about it if someone isn’t happy.
  • I think it comes from our individualistic cultural mindset. The majority of us do actually want national healthcare, but those who don’t think of it like “I don’t know you why should my money go towards your problems”. They think that we should all just keep our money to ourselves, even it would benefit them in the long run too. What really is the choice. Pay a lot to see doctor 1. Payless to see doctor 1. The company changes providers so you don’t have a choice to even pay to see doctor 1. I’ve had insurance from my company and I’ve bought on the exchange, there is in reality very little choice. I think it also has to do with taxes. Those Annoyed Gnome Love Valentine #Healthcare 1 Shirt against national healthcare are usually the same people who run from any mention of tax increase, even if it wouldn’t affect them. For example, part of Bernie’s campaign was on raising taxes for the wealthy.

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