Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt

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Specification: Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt


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  • But at the same time, it drove premiums for everyone else Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt insanely high. As in from a few hundred to thousands. How is that affordable? The insurance industry here is a joke. Those companies will do anything they can to not pay out and so many of these companies are in the pockets of politicians. It’s a shit show quite honestly. If the government would not stick their nose in everything it would force more competition and lower prices. And, it has become so ridiculously complicated. But, just my opinion. Healthcare reform in the US is a Sisyphean task because of all the stakeholders that have too Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt much to lose. Look at the amount of money in the system right now between healthcare providers, insurers, and pharmaceuticals and the number of politicians who do not want anything to do with universal healthcare.
  • Yeah, what we have right now is hot garbage but there are just too many special interests that benefit from it to change it. Personally, I don’t think it’s distrust for the government to implement it well. People on my Facebook feed generally view Medicare positively. Their concerns are more “why should I have to pay for somebody else?” Late to the party, but here’s what I know about this. Most of the people I know who are against it are against anything that Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt would put others on equal footing. They would rather suffer knowing that they aren’t responsible for paying for everyone else. “In this country you are self-sufficient!. I shouldn’t have to pay for some liberal cuck to be able to see a doctor because of there “choices” and still work at McDonald’s.

Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Long-Sleeved - Design By


Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Ladies Tee - Design By

Ladies Tee

Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Hoodie - Design By


Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Sweater - Design By


  • They made those choices and they have to pay for them, not me.” It is amazing what Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt disdain for people who don’t believe like you will allow you to act. Altruism is a four-letter word in some parts. For the greater good is not something Jesus would do in their eyes. Also, you don’t let others take care of you, you are not to be a burden to your neighbors. “I can do it myself” is not just a motto but a way of life for a fair number of people who are against it. The idea that you need to rely on others is scary and who wants to be a burden. Then they feel they are part of the problem which weighs on them, and they can’t have that. Then you have the terms used to describe it “Socialized Medicine” and “Medicare for All”, these are tantamount to treasonous actions. The red threat is real!!!” It is the Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt last battle against the dreaded communism.
  • Just because the Ruskies are pretending to be normal doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to take us down!” Anything that reminds them of the fear of their childhood they latch on to. I am close with someone who thinks all this is a commie plot and he doesn’t want to be involved with it in any way. We have “free” Healthcare here in Canada and it takes people 3-5 months to find out if they have cancer and the doctors are cold and don’t give a shit about you. I put free in Angry Gnome Love Valentine 3 #LPN Life Shirt quotations because it isn’t really free if you have a proper job and get taxed up the ass, only to find out your Prime Minister stole $98 million dollars to give to a fake organization called “We” that winded up paying for his and the Finance Ministers lavish worldwide family vacations. I live in a country with universal healthcare, you still have to pay at a certain point, either by taxes or whatever.

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