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  • Thanks for Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt your submission, UsedAmbition! Please remember to censor out any identifying details and that satire is only allowed on weekends. If this post is truly gatekeeping, upvote it! If it’s not gatekeeping or if it breaks any other rules, downvote this Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt comment and REPORT the post so we can see it! Isn’t that how every hot guy reveals their abs in every cheesy romantic film ever made? Taking off your shirt is always gay. You just wear it until it falls off and then reinstall a new one. That is the manly way to wear shirts. Just wear it until it fuses to your skin, then put on another. Soon, with enough layers, you will become SHIRT-MAN. Same. Wouldn’t the shirt go inside-out this way? I always lift from the neck. Do these guys have Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt to flip the shirt back to normal every time they remove it? Or am I missing some technique…
  • I mean I just grab the shirt behind my neck and pull it Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt off, but I won’t judge anybody for doing it differently… I wouldn’t even want to see a guy take his shirt off. This is why I do the method pictured in the OP image. Doesn’t stretch out your shirts from either the sleeve or the neck! Also, it’s kinda impossible to get off a tight-fitting shirt any other way.IMO it’s better to wash your shirts inside out anyways, that way the old deodorant and dead skin cell Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt particles can come off easier in the wash. I always leave my shirts inside out until they come out of the dryer. Sometimes I tuck my arms into the shirt, and then just struggle to lift it up until it’s over my head. I don’t know why I continue to do it, but I just do. Other times I do back of the neck.

Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt, Long Sleeved, Ladies Tee, Sweater And Hoodie

Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Long-Sleeved


Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Sweater


Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Hoodie


  • If you’re Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt flexible then you reach back and grab the center of Excited Disney Stitch And Lilo 2 Valentine Day Shirt the back of your shirt and whip it off over your head just like when a hockey player gets into a fight with another hockey player! I tear off every shirt I own to show how strong I am… even if I am alone. Sure, it’s expensive and wasteful, but I don’t want anyone to think I’m gay or a woman… not even ghosts or Jesus. Nah dude real men pull their arms into the inside of their shirt and then stick their head in there and hang out like it’s a cool fort. Sitting down to pee and being known for it has absolved me of Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt all guilt or even suspicion when there’s pee not in the bowl. It’s awesome. Between my wife and kids, there are six people in the house and five of them don’t know how to knock. My wife asked me why I always lock the bathroom door when I go… I asked her how she knew I did.
  • So does Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt her jiggling the doorknob… Regardless, the actual reason I lock the bathroom door is a habit… Had a roommate with a three-year-old that’s probably in therapy now…Damn, wasted opportunity. ”Because you know I do” would’ve been a much more badass and fitting response for your golden hose habits. Man, that’s so weird. It’s kinda normalized and ingrained in my head that if you’re in the bathroom, you lock the Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt door. The question should be “why don’t you lock the door?” By default, not the opposite lol. I sit when I pee. I have the pressure of a fire hose. I have legitimately peeled paint off a car. Go ahead and talk shit about how I pee sitting down. I will put my stream through Amused Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt your forehead with 2% of my power. I pee sitting down and I don’t even hide it lol. It’s just comfy. Why stand when I can sit lol unless I’m in public cause the toilet seats are rank. I don’t feel like I’ve had a full evacuation unless I sit down. Plus I can shake it off without spraying piss all over the walls.

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